Eli Schragenheim

Eli Schragenheim

Eli Schragenheim started his way into TOC in 1/1/85, when he got the job of „programming a video game for adults that would teach them how to think“. By the way, Eli never programmed a game before. In retrospect, it was an advantage.

Eli Schragenheim came to programming in 1980 after ten years of being a TV director. Before that he finished his undergraduate degree in Mathematics, and while being a TV director he also did his MBA in Tel-Aviv University.

So, in 1/1/85 he joined Creative-Output, a software company with a difference. The software was called OPT, a very sophisticated software for scheduling the shop floor. The software had challenged some very common paradigms and Dr. Eli Goldratt, then the CEO of the company, realized that software is not the right tool to challenge ideas that were taught in the universities and were well ingrained in the minds of most managers. The Goal came up in 1984 and Dr. Goldratt looked for another tool to help people realize the flawed paradigms. The OPT game came out at 1985, to be followed by several „simulators“ that were developed by Eli Schragenheim to facilitate the introduction of new ideas. Then, Eli Schragenheim was kindly requested to deliver the first workshop based on the simulators. So, he became as educator, and then also a consultant.

In the last twenty-two years Eli Schragenheim has taught, talked and consulted in more than fifteen countries, including the US, Canada, India, China and Japan. He was a partner in the A.Y. Goldratt Institute, left this role in 1992, became a free-lance consultant, while developing his own MICSS simulator. Then in 1998, when his first book came out, he joined Dr. Goldratt again.

Eli Schragenheim is now a director in The Goldratt Schools. In the last five years he taught mainly experienced consultants in order to make them TOC application experts for the viable-vision implementation.

Eli is the author of Management Dilemmas. Together with William H. Dettmer he wrote Manufacturing at Warp Speed. Eli collaborated with Carol A. Ptak on ERP, Tools, Techniques, and Applications for Integrating the Supply Chain, and with Dr. Goldratt and Carol Ptak on Necessary But Not Sufficient.

Together with Bill Dettmer and Prof. Wayne Patterson, Eli wrote a new book, Supply Chain Management at Warp Speed: Integrating the System from End to End, which includes all the new developments of TOC in the area of logistics and supply chain management. The book was published in early 2009.

  • Projects (TOC Single-/Multi-PM, CriticalChain)
  • Production (Make to Order, Make to Stock, DBR)
  • Distribution
  • Controlling (Throughput-Accounting, Measurements)